Heat detection for safer electrical installations

FLEXIMARK® THERMO SERIES is a innovative series of products for easier heat monitoring of your electrical assets. These smart clips and labels is made with a thermochromic science technology for monitoring and creating a visual indicatio to view the health of your assets. The products comes in four different categories and changes color when the temperature of the assets rises. This provides you with a 24/7 heat monitoring and a predictive warning before your assets overheat. The color change is permanent, to make it easier to detect and change equpiment before major failure or electrical fire occurs.


Easy push-on clip for heat detection. Simple to use and broad coverage, we provide 5 different sizes fittning most cables.


This small self-adhesive patch is easy to apply and install and makes a perfect product for adaptors, plugs and extensions sockets.


Self-Adhesive surface monitoring labels for electrical equipment and busbars. Easy application, easy to monitor.


Self-Adhesive cable wrap for hot connections. Quick and easy to install on your cables.

We have now installed it in a first site and even on our test sites, this will help us to see if anything goes warm during the night
One of the largest installers in Sweden
We didn’t know that you also had The Wrap, that’s even more interesting to us.
Enterprise Medical Manufacture
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